Need inspiration or motivation?

Hello my little droplets of Mizu,

So I was looking around on the WordPress events, and saw one this post from 876lover, challenging people to quote their favourite lyrics which are inspirational to them. This is my pick. I was feeling down, and this song really helped me feel better knowing someone is there, and that other people can feel like they need guidance.

Need Your Help (feat. Eric Dawkins) – Michelle Williams Lyrics

Standing in the middle, and I don’t know which way to go.
I’m looking at my life, seeing that I’m at a cross-road.
No one really knows, or have seen what I’ve been through.
So I’m looking up to heaven, cos’ I know to call on you.

Can you give me direction?
I don’t want to go out of your will.
Waiting on a word from you.
And until you speak, I’ll just stay here.
Oh how I need you

(Chorus – Repeat twice)

Oh I need your help,
(Oh how I need you)
Oh I need your guidance.
(Oh how I need you)

(Needing you everyday)

I won’t be impatient, or I know your in control
Hold my hand and guide me, Said I’ll never be alone
No no To calm my mind and ease my heart
Lord it’s only your word that keeps me going
Only you can show me, oh!


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